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I could see the body language in the slightest parting of her legs and the sweet perfume of her arousal in the air. Show her that she couldn't control people with her beauty, but my mind was already way beyond teaching her a lesson to picturing her in collar and chains.

After the work it seemed all of her responses were "Yes, Sir" in a meek little voice. My daughter had much of the plan worked out practically handing Jennifer to me on a silver platter. After that Jennifer was supposed to board a plane for Taiwan.

She assists me in many ways and her silence allows me to keep select patients after hours.

Different types of women require different types of persuasion.

I waited only a few moments and walked in I handed Victoria a folded wad of bills and turned to my victim. When she did, I slipped a spider gag into her mouth that not only kept her mouth wide open it didn't interfere with my exam of her teeth and she could no longer talk and she definitely could not yell loud enough to be heard outside the office.. Her eyes were wide in shock and confusion that would soon turn to fear.

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I walked into the next room where I could watch from a one way mirror. Victoria had immediately sat down in the assistant's chair and soon after as I had hoped Jennifer sat in the exam chair. I leaned the chair back a little and told her to open wide.

Women that I could sense were born to be controlled were easy marks and I could do most anything with them and they would be begging to come back.

Those that were not sub or I had no time to train but I wanted to use anyway, I might drug. My true passion (and lucrative sideline) was finding, training and selling very select women.

These were all signs that her attitude with others was a ruse to hide the fact that she was a true slave and submissive at heart and a prime candidate for my special teaching talents. Victoria had arranged for them to take an environmental study trip as soon as classes were out for the summer. Victoria didn't know that I planned a much different journey for her friend.

Victoria and I discussed the plan a while longer and fine tuned it over the remaining weeks before summer break.

One evening I was thinking it was time to find another woman and prepare her for sale. We shared a bottle of wine and she confessed she had a favor to ask.

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